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Hotiron Creative builds integrated brands around your innovative ideas with identity, interactive, marketing and product design.

Since 2002, Hotiron Creative has completed hundreds of successful design projects spanning the US for a broad range of industries. We build entire brands, one project at a time, with identity, print, interaction, product, marketing and environmental design. Thoughtful, focused, relevant design that communicates. Properly executed files you can use. Our fresh ideas and forward thinking provide a streamlined and well-rounded resource for innovators with winning ideas.

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Hotiron Creative logo About the logo.

The award-winning trademark for Hotiron Creative represents a traditional hot iron brand, a metaphor for the modern definition of branding. The mark is comprised of three symbols:

  • Anvil: At the heart, the anvil represents craftsmanlike integrity and a blood-red passion for refined quality.
  • Compass: Around the perimeter, the compass represents guidance, positioning and pointing ideas in the right direction.
  • Target: The shapes and negative spaces form a target to represent goals and actions focused on a certain audience.

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