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main village logo

Blue Team Village swag... and a tattoo spotted at DEF CON! (click to enlarge)

Blue Team Village

Year: 2020

Client: Blue Team Village

Industry: Information Security

Project: The enormous, annual hacker convention, DEF CON, has a bunch of villages for special areas of hacking and security interests. Blue Team Village will enter its third year (in #SafeMode) with a slammin’ new logo.

Hackers that specialize in digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) are called “blue team,” as opposed to the “red team,” which would be the penetration testers and rogue attackers at-large. We used a rapier-style, medieval sword styled with a big B to symbolize the noble job that these important defenders do.

Contribution: Logo concept and design.


variations for background color and use case

Human Process

Project Project Project Project

For brand cohesion and consistency of use, all logos by Hotiron Creative ship with vector art, versions for light and dark backgrounds, single-color versions, alternate layouts (if applicable), as well as color codes for print and screen.
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