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#MyDianaColors coloring sheets submitted via Twitter

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Sched online virtual conference schedule, and fundraiser t-shirt

The Diana Initiative
2020 branding

Year: 2020

Client: The Diana Initiative

Industry: Information Security

Project: Diversity in the hacking community. Borne of one-sided clichés in the tech industry, The Diana Initiative is a two-day conference that runs during Def Con. The speakers, sponsors, and the amazing people who run it have a singular focus on building greater alliances with all genders in information security.

This year’s logo features similar symmetry, colors, and typography from the 2019 logo, which is now the perpetual logo for the organization. It’s a celebration of cultures, diversity, hope, happiness, breaking out of established structures, and emergence of the new normal.

We even made an adult coloring page with it!

Contribution: Logo design.

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Coloring Page (PDF)



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