Project Questionnaire
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Here’s your homework.

Click here to complete this in the body of an email. Please review these questions, answer the ones relevant to your project, and send me your answers.

  1. What is the name of your company, and who are its stakeholders?
  2. What is the meaning behind the name you chose (and logo design, if you currently have one)?
  3. What sub-brands currently exist within your company?
  4. Can you sum up your company’s mission/value statement?
  5. How would you characterize your brand?
  6. What celebrity or historical figure would you choose to endorse your brand?
  7. What country might your brand represent if it were on a flag?
  8. How would you characterize the “tribe” the followers of your brand belong to?
  9. If your brand was a car, what model would it be?
  10. Where would your brand shop for clothing, or what label would it wear?
  11. What style of furniture or architecture would best represent your brand?
  12. What are your key selling points?
  13. What is the one thing your brand is best known for?
  14. If you could say only one word about your brand, what would that be?
  15. What need does your brand aim to fulfill in this market? What unique value does your brand bring to your customers?
  16. What kind of confidence does your brand aim to inspire (e.g. protection, comfort, knowledge, achievement, business growth, humanity, etc.)?
  17. What success put your company on the map in the first place?
  18. What are people’s current opinions of your company?
  19. What are your brand’s strengths and weaknesses?
  20. What are your opportunities and threats?
  21. How would you describe your industry?
  22. What inspired you to become a part of it in the first place?
  23. What kind of market research have you done (surveys, research, interviews, observations)?
  24. Who is your target audience?
  25. What work disciplines, product category, or end consumer defines your target?
  26. What demographic measures can you use to describe your target (age range, income, education level, etc.)?
  27. What does your audience aspire to be?
  28. Does the way you’ve characterized your brand appeal to the needs and desires of your audience?
  29. Are there other companies selling the same or similar product/service as you?
  30. How would you describe your competition?
  31. What kind of brand does your competition aspire to be?
  32. Where do you fit in with your competition? Who’s better than you? Who’s worse?
  33. How are you different?
  34. How are you better?
  35. How will you stand out even more?
  36. In what areas do you need to improve?
  37. Describe your project.
  38. When does it need to be done?
  39. What kind of budget have you allocated for design?
  40. Who is the main point of contact and final decision maker?
  41. What is the project’s reach (e.g. local, national, captive, special interest, mass-market, etc.)?
  42. How long do you expect this design to be effective or relevant?
  43. What is prompting you to undertake this project right now? Define the problem this project should solve.
  44. What is the objective of this project? Describe your intended solution.
  45. How will you gauge success for this project?
  46. How does this figure into the larger scope of your marketing strategy?
  47. What is the key message that you want to communicate to the viewer?
  48. What emotions do you want this design to trigger?
  49. What response or call-to-action do you need to succeed?
  50. Can you reference any previous successful design solutions or campaigns you have used?
  51. Is there a particular design approach you would like us to explore, and why?
  52. What do you not want to see?
  53. What specific information and materials are necessary to complete this project?
  54. Do you have existing brand requirements we should follow (also consider any other brands you work with)?

For brand cohesion and consistency of use, all logos by Hotiron Creative ship with vector art, versions for light and dark backgrounds, single-color versions, alternate layouts (if applicable), as well as color codes for print and screen. Say hi.

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